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this year november is the month of gaming! highly anticipated games from the 8th to the 18th! WOO HOO!

iam back!

2010-10-09 14:28:21 by DARK-PICHU

w00t! you cant keep a good gamer down forever! operation:sneak-grounds is underway! i will be sneaking back when i can! woo hoo!
<(^.^)> hapy kirby X3

project pheonix

2010-09-26 05:23:12 by DARK-PICHU

i am making a load of yu-gi-oh cards on the yugioh card maker, its called 'dark pheonix revenge' and when there done i am gonna post pictures of them to newgrounds.

NOTE: it is not the pheonix/dark pheonix from x-men, its the mythical beast pheonix/dark pheonix.

a new pokemon fusion!

2010-09-16 14:28:51 by DARK-PICHU

the story behind this pokemon:
the appoclipse has struck the pokemon world, all but a few pokemon and trainers are left. and from the bones of dead pokemon, starnge zombie pokemon are forming!.
i made this pokemon using parts from:
and kabutops

a new pokemon fusion!


2010-09-11 12:42:59 by DARK-PICHU

i have had a great idea, you all remember when i made pokemon fusions as art byt they got deleted? well, i made a new one just today and i thought:' you can add pictures to you posts, and they dont get deleted no matter what,so, i will add my latest art that would get deleted to my posts! oh and one more thing, in my spare time at highschool i have been doodling in my notepad and i ended up making a comic about to stickmen in a game getting trapped in a diffrent place in the game universe, i will be posting pictures of each pannel of the comic soon. in the mean time, heres that new fusion i made... i call it skirulber.


preveiws canceld

2010-09-06 07:32:44 by DARK-PICHU

i havent dona any art for a while or a post either. well, anyway, i have decided to canncel the preveiws because it would spoil the art when it actualy comes out cause everyone would allreadyknow what it is. but, i will make new posts or comments saying my next art is out soon.
and i have noticed two of my art's havent got any comments, if you could, go check them out! they are the kirby and the kuriboh i drew on my computer.

( ;.;)
(uu) <- a pichu :)

some more art....

2010-08-26 03:33:40 by DARK-PICHU

since my pokemon fusions were deleted, i posted a snapshot of a lego creation and a computer drawn kirby. soon more will come but for now we shall wait!

here comes the art!

2010-08-24 09:30:51 by DARK-PICHU

it looks like i am posting art sooner than i thought! but only pokemon fusions i made on my computer..
but, more will come soon!

here comes the art!

hi everyone!

2010-08-23 14:54:11 by DARK-PICHU

hi people of newgrounds! iam dark-pichu! i am gonna start posting art soon, but for now, i wont.
my faverite seris of flashes are TTA by kirbopher. go check it out! its awsome. i watched the whole thing in 2 days.

hi everyone!