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This was
Pretty fuckin' great, actually.
Entertaining, and was interesting enough [and easy enough to skip through the text the later times through] to go back and find the secrets and such.
Art style was simple but worked and not gonna lie, the chicks were cute enough that a random screenshot of this would have looked like an ACTUAL dating sim of tboi,
basically, top shity, looking forward to more stuff like this from you. I'm gonna have to ask, what game are you gonna do next? FANF or somethin'?

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you really don't realize how hard puzzles can be until you play one where you cant which ones are the corner pieces.

the game is nice and well thought out, great aspects and story and gameplay elements, but you REALLY need give the options for custom controls. i am sick and tired of the fact that i don't have what seems to be the generic computer and keyboard setup that i must miss out on good games form the sake of my wrists and the fact i cant control the game properly. its not just this game, its many.

amidos2006 responds:

That's my bad :( isA will try to make that available in next games :)

brilliant game, good clean fun. only complaint, the boss could have done with some more thought, a third stage and maybe some more dangerous attacks and possibly even a change to the aesthetics, i like the floating base look i gave, but i feel a gigantic mech would have worked a bit better. also, would work TREMENDOUSLY well as an IOS app, with arrows for movement and a joystick for shooting.

its a great game, but i have a few complaints: the physics seem a bit screwy in some levels, but one major fault is that this game is missing some thing, like a sandbox level creator.

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Its good, clean controlls (for the first part), good graphics, a nice feel of gameplay. however, the game is to easy, as no matter what charecter you build you can just hold space and tank the damage, even as willoby (not sure on spelling) the end boss is easy as you just fly right in and destroy the turrets in seconds taking all the damage and going barely below half health.

not sure if bug, but it wont let me give George any wolfram. help?

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i played and it was very good, but when i first came here and saw the control scheme i was instantly put of, because of the complexity and extra controls that could have just been in the pause menu. so, i think it would be good at least let the player customize the controls

i did it with 963 deaths. DOESN'T MATTER HAD SE-

great arcade style shooter with clean controls, gameplay and graphics, but it would cool if there was more to it such as; character customization or just different characters, different modes, other and more expansive levels, possible story-line/linear campaign?. just thoughts, but i think a sequel would be order.

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cutest pichu ever /\. i am 11 years old and i am a big fan of animies/mangas. my faves are: yugioh,keroro guonso,naruto and pokemon i come from england. i got an IQ of 133 on a IQ test! and it said i was a semi-genius!

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